Body Awareness/Proprioception

CORE’s philosophy revolves around helping you to get to where you want to be with respect to your fitness and physical lifestyle goals. Rob is committed to using his knowledge, expertise and tested strategies to help you achieve your personal performance goals.

Part of Rob’s commitment to helping his clients is ensuring that they see results both while training with him, and also when their training with him has ended. Rob knows that he is successful when he can empower a client to achieve lifelong, sustainable physical fitness goals.

Tools To Empower Our Clients

Two of many tools that we use to help empower our clients are:

  • Body Awareness- the ability to perceive both the current state and changes within one’s own body, i.e. pain, strength, flexibility, motor control, balance, posture, etc
  • Proprioception- personal awareness of where your body is located in space at any given time.

At CORE, Rob has a unique approach in that he believe the more aware and educated our clients are, the better results they will get not only while they are training with him, but also long after they have ended their sessions with him. For instance, using a heightened sense of Body Awareness and Proprioception, Rob’s clients can be more aware of where they are physically and where they want to be. Without helping his clients develop this awareness they might not have a realistic sense of their current limitations or their incredible potential.

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