A huge advantage for my clients at CORE is that I include Massage Therapy as an integrated part of their customized training programs.  People who are concerned with physical fitness and wellness often seek massage as a part of their fitness regimen. However, very often, the person’s physical trainer and their massage therapist do not work closely together to achieve specific goals and address important issues in a coordinated effort. When massage therapy and physical training are not performed in a coordinated effort, the client loses because some health & fitness issues can fall through the cracks and improvements are; therefore, limited. In creating your customized program at CORE, we use a revolutionary approach that utilizes Massage Therapy, Functional Training & Posture Awareness–all in one strategic performance program.

A person whose body can recover faster from the rigors of work life, strenuous exercise and injury can spend more time enjoying life and recreation. To achieve the highest level of physical fitness, a person’s body must be able to maintain strength, muscle integrity and proper posture.  Often through intense activity, repetitive movements or injury, the body’s ability to function at its best is compromised. Chronically tense, overworked, or injured muscles and connective tissue restrict blood flow and fatigue the body which limits a person’s ability to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals. To give our clients the best chance to build strength, recover from strenuous activity and heal from injury, we utilize therapeutic massage to keep muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels in optimal condition.

Do You Treat Your Vehicle Better Than You Treat Your Body?

Just like your vehicle, it is very important to keep your body in optimal working order by scheduling regular massage maintenance.

An important difference between people and their cars is that there are not an unlimited amount of parts what we can replace on our bodies. Moreover, once a part of your body has deteriorated past the point of repair you can never get it back to original performance.

  • Do you want to have the “limping along” wreck that could leave you stranded at any given time?
  • Or… Do you want the well-maintained, tuned and cared for vehicle that is reliable and will not let you down for many more years and miles down the road?

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At CORE Rob knows that your goals for attaining a higher quality of life, at home and at play, are directly related to your ability to be physically fit and injury free. We believe that Massage Therapy is a critical component in achieving optimal physical results. With over 10 years of combined massage experience, I am confident that I can help you diagnose limitations, treat weaknesses & imbalances and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact CORE to book you appointment.

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