Schedule Update February 13th, 2018

This Is The End

Time comes where everything ends, and time has come where I must end my career as a registered massage therapist.  I don’t go willingly or because I want to, but because of necessity and due to circumstance.  For over 15 years I have enjoyed helping people help themselves, improve how they function and improve how they feel.  I got into this line of work because I knew what it was like to be the client and I decided I would provide the type of service I would look for.

I found out today with my oilfield job that I my work schedule will be changing from a 4-4 to 7-3-7-4 rotation.  With typical 12 hour days I will not be having enough time to still do massage and will be forced to go where I can get stable pay.  My schedule change will start in March so February 23rd will be my last day of work with massage. I am full and on my schedule as there are only a few days I will be working, and my online schedule will no longer be available after next week Friday.


I want to thank all of my clients who I have seen over the past 3 years I have been back in the Lakeland.  My family and I are grateful for the support we have had from the community with keeping demand for my services, and for my core group of clients who have stayed with consistently all the way along. I will still help out anyone in need if I am able, so don’t be hesitant to contact me as we can work something out.

I hope I have made a difference for most of the people I have been able to provide service for.

I’ve enjoyed my time but now it’s done.



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