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Rob at CORE firmly believes that a person’s ability to live a productive, fulfilling and meaningful life is directly related to their physical health and wellbeing. Whether it is having the focus to do your work successfully, having the energy to be the best you can be for your family or staying competitive in your favorite sport as the years go by, he is committed to helping you achieve your Sustainable Lifestyle goals through an innovative fitness approach.

He knows that your goals for attaining a higher quality of life, at home and at play, are directly related to your ability to be physically fit and injury free. To help you reach your quality of life goals, Rob at CORE offers professional guidance and motivation with strategic direction of training. Based on an assessment of your unique life-style goals and physical condition, he will tailor a program just for you with the ultimate goal being lifelong health and wellness. Your program design will evolve and progress along with the advancements of your skills and abilities. He wants to pass on his knowledge and expertise so that his clients can transform their lives as he gives them the tools to take an active role in personal improvement long after their sessions end.

Integrated Approach

In creating your program, CORE usesa revolutionary approach that utilizes Functional Training, Posture Awareness & Massage Therapy—all in one performance program:

The Functional Approach to Sustainable Lifestyle Training

By definition, functional training promotes adaptation of the body consistent with its intended movement or activity. Functional training leads to better muscular balance and joint stability, as well as decreasing the potential for injuries. Rob relies on the functional training approach because it is a form of training that emphasizes the body’s natural ability to move in all six degrees of freedom.  When muscles are strengthened through natural and efficient exercises, the body is less likely to become unbalanced, tight and inefficient.

Posture/Bio-Mechanics Awareness in Sustainable Lifestyle Training-

Our training system is revolutionary at CORE because Rob believes that the most important step in creating a sustainable lifestyle training program is starting with a foundation of proper posture. A person’s posture affects virtually every area of fitness. Posture affects muscles, joints, bones, internal organs, breathing, etc. Achieving proper posture can be the key to allowing the body to reach its fullest fitness potential.  In proper posture the ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are aligned as if a plumb line were running from the ears down through the torso into the legs and the feet. When proper posture is achieved, the body is able to function in its strongest, most balanced position and tress to the joints, muscles, vertebrae and tissue is minimized.

Improper posture can be one of the greatest obstacles to achieving fitness goals and can be the cause of serious injury. Improper posture, especially when walking, exercising or sitting puts increased stress on your back and causes discomfort and damage throughout the body. When the spine is left in non-neutral posture for extended periods of time, it raises the diaphragm, preventing the body from taking a full breath. This can lead to reduced oxygenation throughout the body. It can also compromise the internal organs’ performance by putting pressure throughout the abdomen. CORE’s focus is to help clients achieve proper posture so they can unlock their body’s potential to achieve their goals and prevent injury.

Massage Therapy in Sustainable Lifestyle Training

A person whose body can recover faster from the rigors of work life, strenuous exercise and injury can spend more time enjoying life and recreation. To achieve the highest level of physical fitness, a person’s body must be able to maintain strength, muscle integrity and proper posture.  Often through intense activity, repetitive movements or injury, the body’s ability to function at its best is compromised. Chronically tense, overworked, or injured muscles and connective tissue restrict blood flow and fatigue the body which limits a person’s ability to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals. To give his clients the best chance to build strength, recover from strenuous activity and heal from injury, Rob utilizes therapeutic massage to keep muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels in optimal condition.

Life-Long Wellness

The custom Sustainable Lifestyle Training program that CORE can offer you is focused on improving your quality of life and has been proven to help in the care of the following illnesses:



Mental illness & Depression

Negative Effects of Aging

Sleep Disorders


Cardiovascular Disease, etc

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