Lindsey – Cold Lake

I have been going to see Rob at CORE for massages since 2014; his knowledge and skill surpass anyone I have ever worked with. I work as a Lab Technologist and crossfit 5x per week, and between these two things I always have some muscle that needs attention. What I love about CORE is that it doesn’t matter if its my neck that is sore from looking in a microscope, my lats from crossfit or my wrist from a chronic childhood injury, it can and will be fixed. I look forward to my appointment every month knowing that I will have pain relief and improved mobility that same day. I recommend CORE to anyone with an injury, highly active lifestyle or simply for maintenance and improved mobility. I always tell people that my monthly massages at CORE are what keep me moving and living the active life I love; Rob helps me to lead a healthier and pain free life at work, the gym and at home.


Melanie – Cold Lake

This isn’t your average massage therapist or personal trainer: Rob has completed the NAIT personal fitness training program, is a professional athlete and has a certification in massage therapy. These skills all lend into his ability to personal train, trouble shoot, diagnose and work out those problem areas. When I hear people complain of nagging pains and injury, I always refer them to  CORE.  I participate in a variety of physical activities, work long shifts in work boots, but ultra running really takes its toll on my body. I have had numerous issues from a nagging achilles tendon, tight hamstring muscles and limited shoulder range of motion.  When I go to CORE  I am always amazed at the difference his sessions make and I notice an immediate improvement. I completed my first fitness competition and a 100 mile ultra marathon (Sinister7), and I wouldn’t have made it to the finish line without all the help and guidance from Rob. He provided massage to increase range of motion, prevent injury and personal training to strengthen my lower body and balance out muscle weaknesses. He always shows a keen interest in your issues and improvement, and I can’t say enough great things about Robert Nichols at CORE.



Rick – Cold Lake

I have struggled in the past with IT band syndrome which has limited my ability to run or cycle. I train annually for the Ride to Conquer Cancer and in past years have undergone extensive Physio Therapy, Chiropractic and acupuncture treatments with little relief. In 2016, 45 days out from the ride I visited Rob at CORE as a last ditch effort to continue training and allow me to participate in the Ride. After 1, that’s right, ONE visit, Rob identified the root cause of my problem and corrected it. I was able to immediately resume training and rode pain free for the first time in years. What’s even more impressive is that I haven’t had to return for a bunch of follow up or maintenance appointments. I highly recommend Rob and CORE to anyone who wants to remain active and find pain relief.

Jamie – Bonnyville

I started seeing Robert January 2015 for massage for back and leg problems.  He pointed out some issues I had  with continued massage and training I could correct those problems.  Robert has been teaching me proper technique and specifically working one muscle group at a time.  I’ve gained better balance and strength which has improved my ability to play sports, ride a horse and just enjoy life.  Robert has made me more aware to the stress I put on my body and how to relieve it with stretching and exercise.  I can’t thank him enough for the care ,knowledge and his willingness to help improve my well being !!

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