Weekly Schedule Update October 30th, 2017

Business is Changing, So Am I

After 15 years in this industry and 10 years of operating a business solely in the health and wellness industry, I will be taking a job in the oil field once again starting Thursday.  I have tried to hold on as long as possible in hopes that things would change and more people would be coming through my door and using their employee benefits, but that hasn’t been the case and I can no longer continue down the same path.

In order to survive I will be taking work in the oilfield once again, something I’ve been away from for over a decade.  I’m not yet sure as to when my schedule will begin, but I do know that I will be starting on a 4 days on/4 days off schedule which will allow me to still do massage as supplemental income. I need the oilfield job as means of steady, consistent income which I cannot sustain with CORE.

I will keep everyone in the loop as things develop. Until I know more about my new schedule, which I find out more about this Thursday, I only have two days of availability this week.

These are the times I have left for this week:

Mon         Oct 30th         10:15am

Wed         Nov 1st            5:15pm, 6:30pm, 7:45pm


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