Weekly Schedule Update September 18th, 2017

Diabetes Type 2: Now Choosing Lifestyle or Drugs

Diabetes is a real problem in Canada and here is some information on the disease.

The most common form of diabetes is type 2

Here is the difference between the two types of Diabetes

Here is more specifically how Type 2 Diabetes occurs

What Diabetes can do to you and what you can do to avoid it

Diabetes stats in Canada

Diabetes prevalence in the world

Diabetes in our society, which is mostly Type 2, is by far a preventable disease because it is lifestyle driven. The biggest part of our diet that links Diabetes to Heart Disease and Stroke, the major killers in our country, is sugar. The second biggest part is lack of activity.

In a recent article on CBC by Kelly Crowe called Reversing Type 2 diabetes? Yes, it can be done, many doctors lean heavily on drugs to control Diabetes. The problem with Pharmaceutical companies is that the money made with treating a disease is much greater than curing one. In my line of work thinking differently about what food you consume, and what amount of activity you partake in, can do much more than thinking how much easier it is to swallow a pill without thinking of the costs related to it.

If we continue to believe that we can consume anything and everything provided to us by the food industry, which influences government policy through lobbying, which produces “products” to society labelled as “food”, which uses the cheapest ingredients that are scientifically calculated to have use wanting and buying more because their ultimate goal is profit not nutrition, then these numbers will continue to grow and grow and grow.


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