Weekly Schedule Update September 5th, 2017

The first day of school is here and this is how lots of parents might feel after a long, hard summer.

For some of the teachers, maybe their thoughts are more like this?

All jokes aside, some of the dangers of school time once again is that there will be lots of kids walking around. Please don’t forget the school zones have an allowed speed of 30km/h and pay attention to the hours of enforcement. Lake enforcement will be patrolling heavily, and you don’t want to get a ticket or worse yet cause someone harm.

Another thing to look out for is the addd traffic when around school busses.  Know the rules of the road when you encounter a school bus.

I hope everyone took time to enjoy a great labour day long weekend.

This was the labour day weekend and I will say it was full of labour. I built 3 sets of shelves in my garage and a work bench for my wife’s soap making area. Here is a picture of me at work doing some demolition.

Wife must have watched some Red/Green shows: if she can’t find you handsome, then she might as well find you handy.

Here is this week’s schedule update:

Tues         Sept 5th         5:15pm

Wed         Sept 6th         11:30am, 4pm, 6:3opm, 7:45pm

Thurs       Sept 7th         9am, 11:3oam, 4pm

Fri             Sept 8th         9am, 10:15am, 11:30am, 12:45pm

Mon          Sept 11th        11:30am, 4pm, 6:30pm


Quote of the Week:


Video of the Week:

If you haven’t seen this you may want to. Sometimes doing your job correctly will get you in trouble when it shouldn’t.


Have a great week,


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